One of the worst feelings is waking up and knowing you have to go where you are underappreciated even though you are doing excellent work. Along with being underappreciated, it’s hard to get up and motivate yourself to go to work when you are simply unmotivated and frankly, burnt out. This is how I felt when I contemplated ended my career as a STEM educator.

Closing a Door

Once I decided to move to another state and leave my teaching job behind, I looked within myself and discovered my true passion: mentoring young girls to be confident, of good character, and classy. With that true passion in mind, I started to focus all of my attention into empowering young girls through tea parties, charm school, and etiquette classes. While I was fulfilling my passion of mentoring young ladies, there was still a void there. I pondered over my decision and decided to be truly fulfilled I needed to combine all three of my passions:

  1. Mentoring young girls
  2. Advocating STEM
  3. Promoting fashion

Opening a Door

I combined my passions together but I needed a word that would light up little girls’ imagination. I needed a word that would show the possibilities that awaited these strong, young girls. Finally, it came to me: STEMsation. 

STEM·sa·tion: /stemˈsāSH(ə)n/

Noun: A trailblazer in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with phenomenal abilities to skyrocket to their highest potential and determined to break all stereotypes and gender barriers with style and grace.

With these three passions combined and a label to put on them as a whole, I had a solid objective: to help young ladies be classy, set goals, and be leaders. I could no longer run from my purpose: to educate, empower, and equip girls of today to be future STEM leaders of tomorrow. 


While all education is important, STEM education is especially important for young ladies to become involved with today. Currently, women who work in STEM are taking their skills to the bank. Women who work in STEM make 33% more than their “counterparts in other fields” according to The Minnesota High Tech Association. This means if a woman is making $50,000 a year in a non-STEM field and she switched to a career in STEM, she would be making $16,500 more a year annually.

The problem is this: STEM Literacy isn’t taught when it needs to be taught. While many people think high school is where we start learning about STEM, it actually starts at a young age. STEM Literacy can be introduced and “nurtured from a child’s earliest days and throughout his or her educational experience,” according to Tennessee STEM Leadership Academy. By introducing STEM to our children in an appropriate way throughout their early learning years, we plant a seed that can later grow into a strong career. 

Nurturing STEM is important and may be easier than you think. According to Nedda Gilbert from, research has actually shown that “young girls exhibit early ability AND interest in math and science.” So what happens to that interest? At around age 10 to 12 years old, we start pushing ideas about “gender identity and the need to behave in a certain way.” As parents, we need to make sure we keep the door open in ALL fields for our daughters. They are not limited simply because they are females.

How Nyla Denae’ Enterprises can help

The purpose of Nyla Denae’ Enterprises is to educate future STEM leaders through innovative programs, career exploration opportunities, and mentoring with STEM experts. We also encourage and promote education through discussion boards, STEM projects, virtual/site-based field trips, fiscal literacy, and exposure to the benefits of being a “STEMsation.”

Through Nyla Denae’ Enterprises, we also provide girls with leadership, character development and confidence building opportunities. We do this thorough peer mentoring, speaking engagements, community outreach, entrepreneurship, and culture and self-awareness training. Nyla Denae’ Enterprises helps future leaders with essential resources and skills such as internships, scholarship, public speaking, wealth-building, job shadowing and networking opportunities.

Nyla Denae’ Enterprises offers a STEM Academy for little girls and their parents currently serving girls ages (2-5).   Nyla Nova is a STEM Superhero who solves mysteries using her STEMpowers.  Nyla Nova’s STEM Academy is designed based on the character Nyla Nova and its mission “to educate, empower & equip the ladies of today with the necessary tools to become the stem leaders of tomorrow“. We are truly confident that our girls will have significantly higher confidence in their academic abilities and higher academic goals and aspirations throughout their academic journey. To learn more please visit us and enroll in Nyla Nova’s STEM Academy.

I never truly changed what I did I just pointed the arrow a little differently. I still firmly believe in the importance of STEM education but now instead of just teaching it, I promote it as well. I believe encouraging girls to go into STEM is our responsibility and Nyla Denae’ Enterprises is here to help you along the way.

Please visit us at Nyla Denae’ Enterprises for more information.


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