“I personally believe that confidence in yourself combats any stigma. Having attended Howard University, a Historically Black College/University (HBCU), I learned that confidence in self will get you a lot further than any limitations others try to place upon you.”

What company are you currently employed?
Currently I am the Mathematics Department Chair, Math Teacher and Standardized Testing Coordinator at Lawrence Advance Academy.

What educational credentials do you have that provides you the opportunity to work in your field?
I have a Bachelor of Business Administration from Howard University in Washington D.C.. I went on to pursue a Master of Science in Accounting from Strayer University. Because I had a passion for teaching, I pursued a Master of Art in Teaching Marian University in Indianapolis.

How long have you been in your career field?
I have been working in my field now for about six years. I’ve been at my current job for about four years.

What helped to shape your decision to work in the field that you currently work?
Math was always one of my favorite subjects. After several years in the accounting field, I decided I wanted to give back to my community by fostering a love for math in students.

What was your desire?
I always wanted to be a teacher but in high school my mother suggested that I take an accounting class. I really enjoyed the classroom and the pay in the accounting field was better than in education. After years of long hours and time away from my family, I decided that I could still use my love for math by changing careers and transitioning into the education field. The hours are still long at times, but the results are much more fulfilling.

What do you like most about your job?
I love being able to guide students who don’t always have a positive, female role model in their lives.

What has been the most rewarding about your job?
The most rewarding part has been seeing students graduate from high school who may not have otherwise done so. When they complete their requirements it is a good feeling for me as well as for them.

Have you ever received any special awards?
I received the Teacher Leadership Academy – Cohort 1 Award.

What have you found to be the most difficult about your job?
The most difficult part has been seeing an area that needs improvement and not being able to influence that change. As a classroom teacher there is only so much I can do. When changes don’t occur that can help students it is disappointing for me.

If you could change anything about your job or career, what would it be?
I would love to change the math focus in some of my classes to include aspects that students will use immediately in everyday life if they choose not to go to college. For example, everyone needs to know how to fill out a W-4 form when they are employed yet some people have no idea how to do so. I think there are opportunities to prepare students for life after high school that are not just college driven that are being missed.

What are your future goals?
After my time in the classroom has expired I can see myself being a counselor. I love building relationships with students. The students need adults in the building who are willing to tell them the truth about their options without any hidden agenda. I believe I can do that.

What advice do you have for young girls?
My advice would be to not believe anything anyone tells you to try to dim your light. Not everyone can handle your shine but do just that, shine on!

Who or what was your inspiration?
My Sunday school teacher Elizabeth Dixson was an educator. She would always give me tasks in church that would allow me to use my love for math as well as for children.

What do you find most challenging about motherhood?
Time management can be difficult at times. I have 3 very active children. At times it is important to depend on my support system because I can’t be everywhere at once.

What is your favorite quote?
It is actually a Bible verse. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13. I truly believe that I am capable of doing anything I set out to do with the help of the Lord.

What do you think is the biggest stigma for young girls?
I personally believe that confidence in yourself combats any stigma. Having attended Howard University, a Historically Black College/University (HBCU), I learned that confidence in self will get you a lot further than any limitations others try to place upon you. I am confident that the knowledge I have will benefit others and if you don’t share that same opinion, then we will agree to disagree and part ways. I truly believe what is for me, is for me and live my life accordingly both personally and professionally.

What tips would you give about your career field?
If you do not have a passion for students and their well-being, education is not the place for you. You have to genuinely love your students in order for you and them to be successful.

What additional training have you had to work in your career field?
National Alternative Education Association Conference – Dallas, TX

Words of Wisdom
As with any field make sure you have a passion for what you are doing. No one wants to go to a job they hate every day of the week.

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