You are beautiful, smart and can do whatever you want. Make sure out of everyone, YOU must believe in yourself first.

Who is Stephanie Aroworade?

Hi, my name is Stephanie Aroworade. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, but have been living in Southern California for the past 10 years. I am currently a first year student at the Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine in Miami, FL and am interested in doing Sports Medicine. I am Nigerian and was raised by a single mom who is a nurse and is actually currently in school now to get her Doctorate in Nurse Practitioner. This exposed me to the path that I am on today. Outside of school and medicine I enjoy exploring the city, live music, sports, reading, and travel. I believe that everyday should and can be led with purpose towards your BIG goal, but you must make sure that you are still enjoying your life during that time. It really is all about balance.  

Educational Background

Podiatric Medicine (Foot & Ankle Surgery)

How did you choose to pursue this field?

I got exposure from my mother but fascination and enjoyment came during shadowing opportunities. I also was intrigued by the human body and the roles most doctors also had outside of medicine.

Who was your inspiration or role model that guided you to this field?

My mother and more recently, Dr. James Losito

Did you always have the desire to work in this field? If not, what was your intended field? Why did you change careers?

I wanted to be in medicine generally, yes. But, I decided to do podiatry specifically because of Dr. Losito and one of my grad school professors who showed me how they were able to maintain their work/life balance making both of them very happy professionals (especially as a surgeon).

What do you love most about your job?

I am not working right now as a doctor but right now in school I enjoy every day of it. It can be a lot, but I truly enjoy everything that I am learning and being able to apply it in real life makes it even more exciting.

What things would you change about your job?

One thing I wish is for podiatric medicine to have more exposure. I feel like it is a focused medicine right away and for someone who might not know early on, it is an amazing field. I just don’t feel enough people know about it that are hoping to pursue medicine.

What has been the most difficult or disappointing aspect of your job?

The MCAT was, by far, the most difficult hurdle during this process so far.

How have you combated the stigma of being a “woman of color” in STEM?

As a woman of color you have to work three times as hard.  You must also try and bring multiple things to the table and be able to recognize your strengths. I learned to work hard, have a positive mindset and always, always be myself.

What tips would you offer for anyone thinking about entering into your profession?

I would say: 1) Get as much information about the field as you can and don’t be afraid to ask questions and/or get multiple opinions

2) Always work hard and never give up after failure

3) Teamwork (it’s collaboration, not competition)


What advice would you give your younger self about your career journey as a “woman of color” working in a predominantly white, male-dominated field?

I would say not to focus on that and focus on being the best you that you can be. Reach out and find a mentor right away.

Can you provide some words of wisdom to young ladies thinking about entering a STEM field as a career choice?

You are beautiful, smart and can do whatever you want. Make sure that out of everyone, YOU must believe in yourself first.

What is your favorite Quote? How do you apply this to your life?

I have a few but this one stands out to me right now. “The time will never be perfect, so you can only make perfect use of your time.” This helps me stay productive and also applies to living my best life. This saying pushes me to work hard and enjoy life while I can.

What are your future goals related to your career?

I am hoping to work as an NBA team doctor or for a professional sports team and to also have or be part of a private practice. During my free time, I would also love to do some international mission trips, helping to provide care and surgeries for the under-served populations. I have so many future plans, but this is what I hope to start building to first.

How has your family influenced your journey and provide support?

My mother, family and the friends who I also call family, have been very supportive throughout the process (the ups and downs) of my journey by helping to keep me positive during the hard times and failures and by always cheering for me and my dreams, no matter what. Social support is huge and I couldn’t be more grateful for them.

What are some interesting facts about yourself that you would like to share?

I am a huge basketball fan and started a small tutoring business during my time applying for medical school. I also love to cook and am big into meal prepping.

Contact Stephanie Aroworade for any further questions:


Instagram: @stepintopod

Personal page: @steph.olivia


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