STEM Mission: To educate, empower & equip the ladies of today with the necessary tools to become the STEM leaders of tomorrow.

Nyla Nova’s STEM Academy (NNSA) will teach girls valuable skills that will:

  • Help girls develop healthy relationships with themselves, others and the community
  • Provide girls with an understanding of the value and importance of STEM education in a global society
  • Provide girls with intensive problem-based learning and hands-on activities covering relevant topics
  • Reinforce strong mathematical and scientific ability
  • Develop the ability to work within a team, communicate with others & pay attention to detail
  • Provide girls exposure to STEM careers and women in the field

STEM Exploration

Nyla Nova’s STEM Academy (NNSA) is committed to providing our “STEMsations” with early exposure on the breadth of career paths in STEM, connecting them with mentors working in the various STEM fields, and provide hands-on training and resources to be successful in obtaining a rewarding career.

Project Design

Nyla Nova’s STEM Academy (NNSA) is committed to providing  our “STEMsations” with the opportunity to enhance their scientific discovery, utilize their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills while understanding the importance and impact of technology.

Fiscal Literacy

Nyla Nova’s STEM Academy (NNSA) is committed to providing our “STEMsations” with the opportunities to utilize their entrepreneurial skills, learn about a free market, analyze cost productions while elevating renewable resources.

Field Experiences

Nyla Nova’s STEM Academy (NNSA) is committed to providing our “STEMsations” with the opportunities to bridge the gap between education and hands-on experiences, broaden their educational experience and make the subject-matter more relevant while learning through reflection.

By engaging girls in these STEM interactive workshops, our girls will have significantly higher confidence in their academic abilities and higher academic goals and aspirations.


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Character Counts

Gifts & Talents

What is STEM?

When you educate a girl, you give her a way to be independent.


Nyla Nova’s Stem Academy is currently serving girls ages 2-5 years old in our “Pearl” level. The “Pearl” level will focus on preschool and kindergarten skills such as dramatic play, sensory play, music and movement, math concepts and science concepts.

If you're wondering why should you enroll your daughter and yourself and that's a great question.  Because of our own experiences, we identified a need to offer additional support to mothers and their daughters.  Not only will we share stories as a means to educate and empower, we will also offer resources such as a calendar of events for you and your daughter to attend to include, but not limited to play dates, enrichment programs, as well as play and learns.  This program was designed with mothers like you in mind.

" It is our intent to build a tribe of mothers who work together to empower their daughters.  It takes a village to raise our children; join us as we build our village brick by brick."

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