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When is the last time you picked up a book and read? When is the last time you and your children sat down and read a book together? For some of us, it may have taken us too long to answer that question. In our world today, everyone is busy and on the go. It’s easy to not take time to read a book whether that is for ourselves or for our children. But, while it may be easy not to take the time, is it the right choice to make?




Women’s National Book Association 

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The Women’s National Book Association founded National Reading Group Month in October of 2007 as a premier event of the associations 90th anniversary. With October ending and November is here upon us, why not take the time to read, not only to your kids but to yourself as well? According to Christina Desmarais a contributing writer for, reading has a number of benefits. Reading should be a priority



More Open-minded and Creative

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It can help you be more open-minded and creative. Research done at the University of Toronto showed that reading a fictional short story created less “cognitive closure” in comparison to those who sat down and enjoyed a nonfiction essay. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read nonfiction, but fictional stories can open our minds to worlds we may otherwise never experience.






Live a Longer Life

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Reading books helps you have a longer life. In a study done by Yale researchers, they found that people who are older than 50 and read books for 30 minutes daily lived 23 months longer on average than those who chose not to read anything. Reading books helped increase their “vocabulary, thinking skills, and concentration” as well as “empathy, social perception, and emotional intelligence.” All of this together leads to a longer life.




Success and Reading Go Hand-in-Hand


Success and reading go hand-in-hand. People who are successful often read books on how to be successful which adds to their success. Reading these books not only helped them learn about how to be successful, but it also taught them how to take something that they read and put it into action





Reading for Life

Reading has so many benefits! One of the biggest benefits of reading is it instills the idea in our children that reading is something you should do. It tells your kids that reading can be fun. If you have a reluctant reader, try reading with them. Eventually, you will find a topic or a type of book they enjoy and then you can stock up on these types of books. Getting your child into reading will help them not only in school but in the workforce as well. Reading is one of those skills that you will use no matter what you are doing in life.






Book Club

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If you enjoy reading but have a hard time finding time to read, try joining a book club or starting a book club. In doing so, you are setting yourself deadlines and therefore you will have to make time to read. In addition, being able to talk to people about the book will enhance communication skills and help you gain new views on the book.  A book club isn’t always for everyone whether that is because of time or just because of interest. If you don’t want to join a book club in your area, you can always join a book club online like Oprah’s Book Club. Oprah began her book club in 1996 and helped many unknown authors sky-rocket to stardom. So far, Oprah has selected 70 books for Oprah’s Book Club and 59 of those have made it to the top 10 on USA Today’s bestseller list. Not only has Oprah’s Book Club helped author’s, but it has also inspired people to pick up a book and read. There may not be deadlines with Oprah’s Book Club, but you can find discussion questions and forums to talk about the book you are reading.





Reading Can Take You Places

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Reading has always been an incredibly important part of our world and it still is today. Reading can take you to wonderful places like Hogwarts, Tarabithia, or into the Fifth Dimension. Reading can teach how to do an endless list of things such as how to be successful, make a cake, or ask a girl out on a date.








What it really boils down to is this, reading can take you as far as you let, how far will you let the pages take you? What books do you recommend that we could read either for ourselves or with our children?






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