Black Friday is approaching and with it comes an expectation of great deals and great gifts for the youths. Here at Nyla Denae’ we are poised to meet that need on both accounts. Nyla Nova, our very own precocious and STEMsational hero has released a brand new adventure book. Within the book are prizes and puzzles along with two brand new adventures in STEM that will excite and enthrall young learners at any age. With this new addition to the Nyla Denae’ offerings, students will have more to learn and explore as the year ends and will hopefully develop ideas for even greater beginnings in the year to come. But, if you’re still not convinced, here are five more reasons why you should buy our new Nyla Nova Adventure Book for Black Friday.


  Fun Activities!

Now, we know that this is not the first time that we’ve offered an activity book. No activity book purchased at will come without amazing and exciting activities to entertain youths learning about STEM. However, what’s different about our new offering is some of the new activities that have been added. Our new activities examine tree biology, coding, and word searches based on Nyla’s Adventure Stories contained within the book.


 Short Stories!

And speaking of Adventure Stories, within this Adventure Book our beloved STEMsation will take students and parents on a journey to a nearby forest to water the plants that are dying for lack of water in their ecosystem. Within this story, students will learn about plant biology and responsibility all in one go! Following the first mission, Nyla will adventure to a castle that is guarded by the mysterious Virtual Virtuoso. She will problem solve and navigate the castle to rescue someone in need using the coding skills loosely based on the JavaScript coding language. At the end of the second story, there will be a snippet leading up to the next story in the series. The next Adventure for Nyla Nova!


Free New Story Giveaway!

The next story in the series is why now is the time to purchase Nyla Nova’s Adventure Book. Because we believe that the Adventure Book will be a hit among your children, we are offering the third story in the series as a giveaway if you purchase for Black Friday. It will be released to you as a digital copy and available immediately so that you don’t have to wait for the book to arrive to begin your Nyla Nova Adventures!


Coupon Code!

As if all of that wasn’t enough, using the coupon code “NYLA” (only available at,  you will also receive Free Shipping for your purchase!  Saving money and THREE stories in one? Yes, please!


Nyla Nova!

But the most compelling reason of all to purchase the Nyla Nova Adventure Book is Nyla Nova herself. Nyla Nova, our STEM Superhero and the image gracing every page of Nyla should be a familiar concept to all who frequently visit the website. But to us here at Nyla Denae’ Enterprises, she is more than a symbol and an image. She is an inspiration for both youths learning about STEM and women already working in STEM who are developing and re-developing their vision for their future and the legacy that they will leave for those who come after them. Nyla Nova is a hero for all of us and is all of us. It is our sincere hope that this character will inspire youths to take an interest in STEM and to understand that they have no limitations in that field.

With all of this said, the Nyla Nova Adventure Book will be for sale beyond Black Friday, but this sale will only last for a limited time. What are you waiting for?!

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