Have you ever had a feeling that you just couldn’t shake? Have you ever felt like there was so much more out there for you? Have you woken up hating having to do the “same old thing” day after day? Have you felt you were wasting away, not experiencing all life had to offer?… Well, we did!

Our Story

Recently, my husband and I woke up feeling all of the latter. Instead of allowing ourselves to wake up to another day of the mundane, we demanded a new life. Let me back up and introduce ourselves: I’m Nakeisha, a 42-year old educator and, my husband, Nate is a 49-year old retired Army veteran and Salesman. Nate and I married in October because life decided June 16, 2018 was just too long to wait. My husband and I decided we would go to Vegas and celebrate with our closest friends and family. We celebrated the three years we had spent together thus far and the lifetime we continue to celebrate. In order to keep June 16 special, we decided to keep that date for our “Union Celebration.” When we went to Vegas, we knew it would put a small scratch in the mundane lives at the time. We both felt like we were stuck in a rut. We had a disconnect to our jobs and were becoming a “loner couple.” To try to help combat that, we began to just hang out by ourselves. We wanted more but that little, ugly monster “fear” kept us from changing our situation too much. Our eldest children were living their lives, graduating college, working, and establishing relationships. Meanwhile, we were raising this active toddler that demanded our attention. When winter came, it became harder and harder to manage because she just couldn’t understand why she couldn’t go outside. The snow became our prison guards and the house our prison. We had a huge backyard going unused because of the frigid temperatures and the layers upon layers we needed to put on just to be safe outside. So our lives became a routine: get up, go to work, pick up our toddler, come home, eat, watch TV, go to sleep, repeat.

Our Visit to Florida

Nate and I realized we were in a rut and tried to find ways to break out of the ordinary. We both love to travel and exploring new places. We always found ourselves visiting Florida multiple times a year. Our toddler’s birthday was the week of Thanksgiving so we decided to take her to Disney World in Orlando for the week. We lived our best life that week! We enjoyed the weather. We visited theme parks. Lived in a resort. On top of all of that, we got to see family and attend an NBA game. It was an amazing time. We were both in shorts in NOVEMBER. We were able to visit multiple theme parks without layers and layers of clothing. We enjoyed visiting family members that we haven’t seen in years. I fell in love with their home which included a family in-ground pool. We were so energized during that week that we decided at that moment: “WE ARE MOVING TO FLORIDA!”

Stepping Out on Faith

Hold on! Pump the breaks! We can’t just pack up and move thousands of miles away! We aren’t being rational. We aren’t thinking clearly. We can’t just leave our grown children, my mother, and our friends behind. We can’t just get up and move. Are we being realistic? We have a great home, our family, and secured jobs. But, we want more. All of these things ran through our heads.
So, what did we decide to do knowing all of that? We decided to take a leap of faith. We knew nobody was going to understand our reason and many would ask “why” we were making such a rash decision. We also knew that if we didn’t do something drastic, that we would start to resent our situation. We were tired of feeling like we were missing out on life and everything it has to offer. We needed to do more than “exist” we needed to live! We made it our mission to embrace everything that life has to offer so we coined the phrase and labeled ourselves the “Do-It-Againers.”

I can’t stand the “just making it” mentality that some “believers” have……God didn’t place us here to just survive! He created us as overcomers, people. We’re more than conquerors!- Nikkia R S Hines, Author of Motivational Monday


A Do-It-Againer is anyone over 40 who finds themselves getting remarried, having children (or both). We will not let life pass us by even though we had a toddler to raise in our 40’s. We decided it was time to leap. We put our house on the market and it sold in less than an hour (talk about fate taking the lead). We had to unload all our stuff so quickly that it all became a huge blur. We were packing and tossing stuff left and right giving whatever we could to local charities. We couldn’t believe that we were about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. We had to find a place to stay in Florida and we needed to find new jobs. We were able to secure several interviews but nothing has really materialized yet but just as fate had our backs before, we know it will again. So what now? I finished my last day of teaching in the district that I’ve been a part of for years and we are moving across the country.

Leap of Faith

Nate and I still can’t believe we did it! So what can you take from this? Leap! Take a leap of faith. Follow your heart. Don’t stay stuck! We know you might be scared. We know you may think you couldn’t, shouldn’t do “it”, whatever that is. We thought the same thing but once we jumped, it was a life-changing free fall and the landing was beautiful. You don’t have to quit your job and move thousands of miles away from family and friends, but you can follow your heart. Decide not what you want but what you need. Then…leap. We had a burning desire that wouldn’t go away so we acted upon it. Our decision is not for the faint of heart. We find ourselves wondering if we made the right decision. We look at each other and ask, “What were we thinking?” We may not know what the future holds, but we do know who holds the future! You can’t be complacent when it comes to your life. You only get one life to live. Live your best life. Take a leap of faith.

Can you relate to our story? What have you always wanted to do but felt it was too risky? Comment below

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