“Beabies Teething Necklace for Mom to Wear and Teether Bracelet” has over 400 reviews on Amazon and received a rating of about 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. This product is an FDA approved silicone nursing, breastfeeding, and jewelry for soothing pain relief.  I purchased this product after hearing moms speaking highly about this product and how it soothe their infant.  I immediately did my own research by reading forums, reviews and asking around the “mom circle”.  Many moms spoke highly of it so I decided to buy it.  It was difficult to decide because they are so many similar products available but I decided on this one because it offers a necklace and a bracelet.  

I was in love with the teal color because it looked like real jewelry that I would normally wear.  I had to stop wearing jewelry because my daughter would pull at anything that was hanging from me whether it was earrings or necklaces. My daughter loved the beads because of their silicone texture was soothing to her gums.  She loved that she could chew on something and still be very close to me.  I actually like the bonding that we shared during those times.  We took a trip out of the country so they came in handy.  She was very content sitting on my lap and able to chew on her beads for the long airplane trip.  The beads were very useful and I was pleased with them for soothing my daughter in her time of need.

On the other hand, I personally had some issues with the beads.  The beads did hang very low on my neck (necklace is 31-33 inches) so she would pull at them and they would put a strain on my neck. The bracelet did not pose that threat so they were more handy.  The necklace length and the craftsmanship was a big concern for me because I was always fearful that if they did break it could pose a choking hazard.  I would be extra careful never to allow my daughter to play with them by herself because they also pose a strangulation threat as well. I would recommend never to let your child play with the necklace or bracelet by themselves.  

Due to the necklace being made out of rubber, the necklace would grab or pull the hair around your neck.  I found this to be annoying and painful when I would wear the necklace.  It was also gross because as my daughter would suck on the necklace and sometimes my hair would be sticking out of the necklace. YUCK!

The necklace and bracelet were made out of silicone which means that it was resistant to germs and bacteria.  Well, I thought that was awesome until I noticed when she would suck on the necklace or bracelet for comfort I would be covered with food, milk or saliva.  The beads were resistant but I wasn’t.  I would end up with saliva on me as she drool from teething or leftover food particles that were left in her mouth. YUCK!

I really liked the beads because they allowed my daughter to teethed without any harmful chemicals and we could bond as she found comfort.  I have some reservations because of the various hazards such as strangulation due to the length of the necklace and that the necklace pulls your hair if you have long hair.   I would say if you choose this product or a similar one just make sure you monitor your infant at all times and you could put something around the back of the necklace to prevent your hair from pulling.

I have to give this product 3 stars out of 5 stars.  I hope this product review was very helpful. You can find this product or similar ones by clicking here:

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