Fall in the air and Halloween is just around the corner!

The leaves are starting to change. The weather is getting crisper. Which means that fall in the air and Halloween is just around the corner. While Halloween can be an exciting time for kids, it can be a very stressful time for parents. Between traffic, candy, and people who are just not good, there’s a lot for parents to worry about. To help make Halloween less stressful, here are 7 ways to make sure your Halloween is safe and stress-free.

One of the worries we have has parents deals with costumes. Between picking an appropriate costume whether and for darkness, it can be hard to find something your child wants to wear and will make you feel at ease.


Tip #1 Check the Weather:

Before Halloween hits, look up the weather for that evening or whatever evening your town has planned for trick-or-treating. By looking at the weather ahead of time, you can plan what kind of costume would work well for your child and what wouldn’t. If the weather looks like it might be warm or chilly, try to plan a costume that you can add layers too if needed.

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Tip #2 Light it Up:

No matter what your child is going to be for Halloween, they will probably be walking about at night. Be sure to help them be seen by adding reflecting tape to their costumes and equipping them with flashlights. Having the extra lights will help cars see them and therefore reduce the risk of an accident.







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Tip #3 Dress Right:

The final area of concern when it comes to costumes is appropriateness. There are many great costumes out there, some are inappropriate for certain age groups. Make sure that your child is dressed for his/her age knowing that other children will be out. While you may have a sense of humor about more “risqué” or “adult” costumes in the name of a joke, other parents may find it offensive. In addition to being appropriate, you want to make sure you choose costumes that fit your child. A costume that is too big can be a tripping hazard.

Beyond costumes, we also have to be aware of candy that our children are getting from people. We have taught our children for years not to take candy from strangers, then we accompany them out to do exactly what we have told them not to do. In order to keep them safe, make sure you follow these candy related tips.







Tips #4: Check it Out:

Make sure you check the candy your child gets. You never know what people are putting in their bags. Throw out any candy that does not have a wrapper. You should also dispose of anything that is homemade (as good as it may look). It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to what your child is going to be putting in their system. If your child has an allergy, make sure you are very careful to pull out anything that would cause an allergic reaction.

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Tip #5 Moderate:

When kids get candy it can be easy for them to dive into the bag and take a handful. Make sure you moderate your child’s candy intake. Monitoring their intake helps teach them moderation which instills healthy eating habits in them. You also want to make sure you go through the bag first just in case there is something dangerous in the bad like a needle.

Finally, when you are trick-or-treating, you can to keep your children as safe as humanly possible. As sad as it is, our world has become a scarier place. We see it on the news regularly, people being abducted, children being kidnapped, and more.

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Tip #6 Stay Together:

No matter how old your children are, make sure you or another trusted adult is with them when they are out trick-or-treating. While your child might not be excited about this, make sure you explain to them that safety is important and it’s your job to keep them safe.










Tip #7 Teach Them:

If you are letting your child go out alone or with friends, teach them what any signs of danger could be and what to do in those situations. You may also want to make sure they have a cell phone or a Gizmo with them so you are able to get a hold of them if necessary.

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Halloween is a time of fun and laughter for kids and it can be for you too if you follow the 7 tips above. Remember you want your child to be safe from what they are wearing to the candy they eat. Make trick-or-treating a treat for everyone.

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