Nyla Denae’ Enterprises’ Provides Naturally Curious Students Interactive Math, Science & Reading Curriculum for Success in School and Beyond.

“Who Is Nyla Nova? “The STEMsation” will spark interest in STEM plus show the fashionable side of the ladies of STEM, it will light up little girls’ imagination on all the possibilities that await them. “We are trying to increase the number of women of color in STEM by inspiring girls at a young age”.

Nakeisha Washington

Founder, Nyla Denae' Enterprises




A trailblazer in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math with phenomenal abilities to skyrocket to their highest potential and determined to break all stereotypes and gender barriers with style and grace.

“STEM Literacy does NOT begin in high school: it needs to be nurtured from child’s earliest days and throughout his or her educational experience”
– Tennessee STEM Leadership Academy.

Nyla Nova’s
Stem Academy

Designed to inspire young girls (ages 2-13) through innovation, problem-solving, critical-thinking and creativity to take ownership of their learning through rich STEM experiences. Nyla Nova’s Stem Academy will help develop their confidence in STEM by engaging girls in interactive workshop sessions, where effective STEM initiatives will link education with economic development.


  • Nyla Nova- “The Stemsation” children’s book series & activity books
  • STEM Activity Nights/Camps/Workshops/Seminars
  • Stem-based field trips (virtual/live)
  • Nyla Nova’s Files: online activities to solve mysteries
  • Mentoring by STEM Professionals
  • Spotlight-STEM Leader “Stemsations” in the industry, other related books or movements
  • Nyla Nova Stem Academy Merchandise

Nyla’s Chronicles

The blogging experience is one of the most exciting aspects of the website, this is where we share what we’ve learned.

Science Behind Junk Food Addiction

Science Behind Junk Food Addiction

It’s lunch hour, I'm driving and my stomach is growling.  After going past the McDonald's "Golden Arches", it seemed like I heard a voice telling me to come back.  “I want to eat healthy.”  “Today is the day I will eliminate junk food.”  “This is...

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